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UD Skywalker RDA

Harga : Rp. 240.000 Features : 24mm Diameter, 510 threading connection, Dual-pole design with 3mm wide vertically slotted, 4mm deep juice well, Supports single / dual coil, easy build and wick with huge post screws, PEI top… Baca lebih lanjut

Augvape Druga RDA

Harga : Rp. 430.000 Product Features : Designed by Indonesia’s Pride Coil Builder Mike @vapeshouse and @AugVapeofficial, 24mm Diameter, Two Post Build Deck, Clamp Snag System (Knurled Thumb Screws, Phillips Head, Convenient and Secure Assembly, 2.5mm by 3mm… Baca lebih lanjut

Vandy Vape Govad RDA

Harga : Rp. 290.000 Product Features: 24mm Diameter Two Post Clamp Style Build Deck Spring Loaded Coil Clamping System Intended for Single Coil Arrangements Spring Loaded Clamp Terminals Phillips Screw Secured Large Middle… Baca lebih lanjut

GeekVape Peerless RDA

Harga : Rp. 240.000 Features : Dimensions: 1-7/16″ x 15/16″ (Including Drip Tip and Threads), Gold Plated 510 Contact Pin, 24mm Diameter, Unique Build Deck, Designed to support both Standard and Complex Coil Builds, Additional Post Hole to Support… Baca lebih lanjut

Royal Hunter X Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only

Skill RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only

Limitless RDA 24 Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only

VGOD Pro Drip Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only

Mad Dog Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only

Geek Vape Medusa 25 RDTA

Harga : Rp. 265.000 Features : Dimensions: 1-7/16″ x 15/16″ (Including Drip Tip and Threads), RDTA and RDA Drip Refill System, Simplified Inner Structure, Compact Design for Increased Flavor, Medusa Logo, 25mm Diameter, 510 Threaded, Gold Plated Contact Pin, 3.0ml Deep Juice… Baca lebih lanjut

Wotofo Serpent RDTA

Harga : Rp. 280.000 Features : 22mm Diameter, Superior Stainless Steel Construction, Pyrex Glass Reinforcement, Unique Clamp-Style Two-Post Design, Centrally Secured via Phillips-Screws, Spring-Loaded Clamps for Easier Set-Up, Adjustable Juice Flow Control – via Slip-Plate, Precision-Cut Rectangular Airholes, Unique Side Airflow… Baca lebih lanjut

Tugboat RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only

Desire Mad Dog RDA

Harga : Rp. 330.000 Features : 24mm diameter, aluminum-magnesium alloy and PEI, 510 Thread, 37,5mm Height, Bottom style airflow for better flavor and no-leakage, Huge build deck for large coils, Larger space to accommodate more cotton, Elegant Caving

Wotofo The Troll RTA

Harga : Rp. 300.000 Product Features : 24mm Diameter, 5ml Tank Capacity, Stacked T Post Midsection Build Deck, Dual Adjustable Bottom Airslots (10mm by 2mm Each Airslot, Can Be Sealed), 10mm Bore Delrin Threaded Drip Cap, 304 Stainless Steel and… Baca lebih lanjut

Wotofo Lush Plus RDA

Harga : Rp. 310.000 Features : 24mm Diameter, Dual Split Post Build Deck (Negative and Positive, Staggered Terminals), Dual Terminal Per Post (2.4mm Per Terminal), Top Mounted Phillips Screws, Quad Internal Airflow (Dual 3mm Airholes Per Side), Deep Juice Well, PEEK… Baca lebih lanjut

Dotmod v3 RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only

PLMVL CT-1 Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only


Harga : Rp. 750.000 Features : 24mm Diameter, Deep Juice Well, Superior Stainless Steel Construction, Low Profile, Sleek Design, Spacious Build Deck, Two-Post, Dual Terminal Design, Side-Secured via Flathead Screws, 2mm Squared Terminal Post, Deckmilled Negative, PEEK Insulator, Dual Exterior Airslots, Quad Internal Airholes –… Baca lebih lanjut

Twisted Messes 24 RDA

Harga : Rp. 850.000 Features : Black & Gold TM24 Specs Black PVD Plated Stainless Steel Top-Cap, 24k gold plated stainless steel AFC Ring, 24mm RDA, Fully gold plated 304 Stainless Steel Deck, 2 post 4… Baca lebih lanjut

Twisted Messes2 RDA Lite

Harga : Rp. 850.000 Features : Dimensions: 1-5/8″ x 7/8″ (Including Tip and Threads), 22mm Diameter, 510 Threaded, Split post design allowing coil installation into the center, far sides or via the standard method, Negative post milled into… Baca lebih lanjut


Harga : Rp. 390.000 Features : 26mm Diameter, T Interchangeable Deck System, T2S Deck (Two Post Dual Terminal Per Post Design, Spring Loaded Clamps, Two 3mm by 2mm Openings per Terminal, Dual Coil Compatible, Side Mounted Screws, Quad Wicking Ports, Dual… Baca lebih lanjut

528 Custom Vapes Goon LP RDA

Harga : Rp. 1.100.000 Features 24mm Diameter, Innovative Two Post Build Deck, Horizontal Clamp Style Posts, Four Clamp Terminals Total, Easily Secure Large Leads, Gold Plated Posts for Conductivity, Purpose Built for Builders, Four Phillips Screws Per Post, Two Per Clamp, 3mm… Baca lebih lanjut

Authentic Dotmod RTA

Harga : Rp. 975.000 Features : 22mm Diameter, Threaded Top Fill System, 2ml Tank Capacity, Pour to Fill, Postless Build Deck, Four Mounting Terminals (2.5mm by 2mm Each, Side Mounted Hex Keys), Unified Wicking… Baca lebih lanjut

Authentic Dotmod Petri V2 RDA

Harga : Rp. 1.200.000 Product Features : 22mm Diameter, Two Post Design, 3mm by 2mm Rectangular Terminals, Allows for a Wider Variety of Coil Structure Compatibility, Custom Machined Knurled Screws (Larger Surface Area, Tool… Baca lebih lanjut

Geek Vape Tsunami 24 RDA

Harga : Rp. 360.000 Product Features : 24mm Diameter, Dual Terminal Two Post Build Deck, 3.0mm by 2.1mm Terminals, Deep Juice Well, 20mm Build Deck Diameter, PEEK Insulator, Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow Intake (3.5mm… Baca lebih lanjut

Tobecco Supertank

Harga : Rp. 250.000 Features : Made from Aluminum and Stainless steel, Easy Top Refill System, Airflow Control System, Delrin and Stainless Steel Drip Tip, Pyrex Glass Tank, 4ml eJuice Capacity, Replacable coils avaliable in 0.2ohm or 0.5ohm

Coil Art Mage Combo RDTA/RDA

Harga : Rp. 350.000 Features : 24mm diameter, 54mm overall height, 4.0ml juice volume, RDTA / RDA Mode, Adjustable bottom airflow, Adjustable top airflow, 24K Gold plated building posts, Interchangeable building posts, Velocity style deck (included), Extra Bridge posts (included), PEEK insulator, SUS304 stainless… Baca lebih lanjut

Hcigar Maze V2 RDA

Harga : Rp. 300.000 Features : 22mm Diameter, Dual Post – Velocity Style Deck, 39mm Height (Without Driptip), Flip Atomizer Chamber Access for Dripping, Gold Plated 510 Post.

HCigar Maze V1 RDA

Harga : Rp. 230.000 Features : 22mm Diameter, 25mm Height – Including Drip Tip, Deep Juice Well, Environmental 316L Stainless Steel Construction, Two-Post Dual Terminal Build Deck, PEEK-Insulated Positive Post, Deckmilled Negative, Single or Dual Coil Configuration, Double-Deck Airflow Design, Dual Adjustable Side… Baca lebih lanjut

Purge RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer, Advanced User Only

Plume Veil 1.5 RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer, Advanced User Only

Hadaly RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer, Advanced User Only

Geek Vape Ammit RTA

Harga : Rp. 400.000 = Rp. 320.000 (SALE ! ! !) Features : Dimensions: 2-3/8″ x 7/8″ (Including Drip Tip and Threads), 22mm Diameter, 510 Threaded, Adjustable Gold Plated Contact Pin, 3.5ml Tank Capacity, Top Fill Design, Designed for Single… Baca lebih lanjut

Wotofo Serpent Alto RTA

Harga : Rp. 300.000 Features : Stainless steel 304 construction, Pyrex Glass tank, Single coil deck, Fully adjustable airflow control, Under coil airflow and side coil directed airflow for flavour and vapour, 22mm diameter, 2.5ml capacity, Top fill, Peek insulator made in Germany, Delrin drip tip, 24k gold plated contact Dimensions… Baca lebih lanjut

Geek Vape Avocado 22 RDTA

Harga : Rp. 300.000 Features : 22mm Diameter, 3mL Juice Well, Superior Stainless Steel Construction, Pyrex Glass Reinforcement, Optional Frosted Glass Reinforcement, 10mm Delrin Widebore Drip Tip, 7mm Stainless Steel Widebore Drip Tip, Side-Tension Vertical Two-Post Design, Deckmilled Negative Post, PEEK Insulated Positive… Baca lebih lanjut

Le86 RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only Clone, Made in China

Goon LP Clone

Harga : Rp. 150.000 RDA – Advanced User Only Clone – Made in China

Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA

Harga : Rp. 325.000 = Rp. 260.000 (SALE ! ! !) Features : 22mm Diameter, 2.5mL Juice Capacity, Superior 304 Stainless Steel Construction, Pyrex Glass Reinforcement, Postless, Quad Terminal Build Deck, Two PEEK-Insulated Positive Terminal Posts, Two Negative Terminal Posts, Single… Baca lebih lanjut

Digiflavor Fuji GTA

Harga : Rp. 360.000 Features : 25mm Diameter, 6mL Juice Reservoir, Genesis Tank Atomizer, Superior Stainless Steel Construction, Pyrex Glass Reinforcement, Genesis-Inspired Apparatus, Unique Open-Style Two-Post Design, Secured via Side Tension Application, PEEK Insulator, Single Coil Configurations, 4.5mm Internal Air Tube Inside Chamber, Dual Adjustable… Baca lebih lanjut

Dotmod Petri V2 RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 170.000 Diameter 22mm

Plume Veil 2.5 RDA Clone

Harga : Rp. 225.000 Diameter 22mm, Bahan SS316

GeekVape Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow RDTA

Harga : Rp. 375.000 = Rp. 310.000 (SALE ! ! !) Features : 24mm Diameter, 4mL Juice Well, Superior Stainless Steel Construction, High-Temp Resistant Silica Glass Reinforcement, Side-Tension Vertical Two-Post Design, Deckmilled Negative Post, PEEK Insulated Positive Post, 2mm Termimal Holes, Extra… Baca lebih lanjut

Authentic Goon 22 RDA by 528 Custom Vapes

Harga : Rp. 800.000 (SS) / 1.000.000 (Black) = Rp. 570.000 (SS) / Rp. 670.000 (Black) Features : 22mm Diameter, Half inch drip tip, Standard 510 Connection, Copper Screw, Gold Plated Bridge Post, Gold Plated Steel Clamps, Hybrid Safe, Peek Insulators, Positive… Baca lebih lanjut

Authentic The Kennedy 22 Competition RDA

Harga : Rp. 1.350.000 Features : Redesigned Kennedy Comp “The Kennedy 22”, Smoother Draw, Virtually Eliminates Leaking (Even When Careless), The quad tube design for increased airflow and cooling — flavor is awesome, Copper Center Post, Domed Chamber Top Cap, 4 Direct Bottom Air Holes, Extra Large Juice Well… Baca lebih lanjut

Authentic Kennedy 24 2 Post RDA

Harga : Rp. 1.500.000 Features : 2 Post – Kennedy 24mm Atomizer, Swappable Post, Smoother Airflow, 24mm Outer Diameter, Larger Build Deck, Larger Air Chamber, Larger Juice Well, No Leaking in Hybrids, Fits Most Box Mods, 510 Threading Kennedy Vapor Website

CoilART Mage GTA

Harga : Rp. 380.000 Features : 24mm diameter, 47mm overall height, 3.5mL juice volume, 24K Gold plated deck, Convenient top-fill, SUS304 stainless steel, Adjustable airflow, Food grade pyrex glass, Gold-plated 510 contact, Black derlin drip tip Package Contents : 1X Mage GTA, 1X Replacement Glass, 1X… Baca lebih lanjut

Augvape Merlin Mini RTA

Harga : Rp. 275.000 Features : Dimensions 24*42.3 mm, 2mL Capacity, Single/dual coil deck, 2 mm squared post holes, Single 4.5 mm internal air-holes, 4 mm juice holes, Velocity style build deck, Peek insulator, Gold plated brass contact, 12 mm bottom air-holes… Baca lebih lanjut

GeekVape Tsunami Plus 24mm RDA

Harga : Rp. 370.000 Features : 24mm Diameter, Dual Terminal Two Post Build Deck (3.0mm by 2.1mm Terminals, Two Per Post, Side Tension Applied. SS 316 Set Screws, Cutaway Posts, Increased Juice Well Capacity, 20mm Build Deck Diameter, 7mm Deep Juice Well, PEEK… Baca lebih lanjut

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank

Harga : Rp. 470.000 Features : A Rip Trippers Project, 25mm Base Diameter, 2ml Juice Capacity, 35mm Height, 58g Weight, Spring Loaded Clamp Design, Triple Bottom Airflow, Triple Airflow Control, Slip-Plate Juice Fill Port, Easy to Wick, Anti- Spit Back Drip Tip, Stainless Steel Construction Package… Baca lebih lanjut

iJoy Tornado 150 Sub Ohm RTA

Harga : Rp. 280.000 Features : Sub-Ohm and RTA Capability, Dimensions: 1-3/4″ x 1″ (Including Drip Tip and Threads), 25mm Diameter, Gold Plated 510 Contact Pin, 4.2ml e-Liquid Capacity, Top Fill Design, Glass Tank, Coil and Chimney 2 in 1… Baca lebih lanjut